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Tara's  3-point

Tara VanDerveer's

3-Point Donation

Challenge for Ukraine


Tara VanDerveer, Stanford's Hall of Fame Basketball Coach, has pledged to give $10 for every 3-point basket made in the women's NCAA Tournament to humanitarian efforts in Ukraine.

Tara plans to split her donation between the following organizations:

Save The Children


Global Giving

She is challenging us to give ANY amount in support of the Ukrainian people. Please donate to the charity of your choice and let us know by logging in your pledge to donate here.

In 1996, Tara coached the U.S. Olympic team to a Gold Medal. Prior to the Olympics, the team traveled to Kyiv where they played the Ukrainian National Team multiple times. Tara and her team developed an affinity for the country and find it especially difficult to watch what is happening.

This challenge is in response to the great suffering in Ukraine and the strong, resilient people to whom we are connected through basketball and our shared humanity.

Once the NCAA Women's Championship is over, please check back into this site and convert your pledge to a donation of your choice.

Let's meet Tara's Challenge and help make a difference not just to the game of basketball, but the world.

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